Welcome to Congregational-Christian Church of Franklin

The Congregational-Christian Church offers residents in the greater Franklin area the chance to come together,  worship, and belong.  Whether you are looking for peace of mind, a way to give back, or simply want to connect with others seeking to follow Jesus, the Congregational-Christian Church welcomes you.


Please join us for worship service, presently being held in the sanctuary on Sundays at 10am.    

If you have been vaccinated you will be able to take off your face mask while sitting during the church service.  If you get up to walk around you must wear a mask.


If you have not been vaccinated you will need to wear your face mask at all times while attending the church worship service.

During the worship service today we will resume singing the hymns, but please do not stand at this time.  

Thank You


Get to Know Us

The Congregational-Christian Church, initially known as the Village Church, was dedicated in 1820. We are a small congregation that is committed to a mission of walking in God's ways with one another, witnessing to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and worshiping God while striving for truth, justice, and peace.  Because we have been a presence in Franklin for almost 200 years, we have a commitment to serve the needs of the community.  We take seriously a call to serve those who are hungry. We support the Three Rivers Food Pantry, host Bread and Roses monthly, and volunteer at the summer lunch program for children and youth, Time for Lunch.